lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

May 3 - Marseille, France

Cathedrale de la Major
This cathedral is very distinct in it's design with the mixing of colors of stone. It is quite beautiful, especially since it sits right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea at sea level! In Spain, the use of tiles is extremely common. But just as common as their use is the mixture of designs, which causes it to look out of place. The tile work in this cathedral is amazing and the designs all match and flow with each other, so my OCPD was in heaven! Definitely a must see in Marseille!

Vieux Port
This port is very iconic to Marseille, and equally picturesque. I enjoyed the views while sitting with my legs dangling above the water at the end of the port. All the boats, the blue water, the surrounding buildings...heaven!

Le Jardin de la Colline
While walking through the city, I noticed a little waterfall. I decided to check it out, and followed the path up the hill. It was a small park that over looked the city, and the

Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde
I tell you, if the sights of Marseille and the sea from the top of the hill don't take your breath away, the hike to the top of the hill will! This gorgeous basilica is situated on the top of one of the tallest hills in the city, so hiking there from the Old Port is definitely a workout! Ironically, shortly after I entered the basilica, mass started and I got to experience some of a French mass. Sure, it was a tad bit confusing, but definitely a cool experience.

The very touristy parts of Marseille were fairly nice areas, but since I primarily walk between sights, I've walked through the non-touristy areas too, which usually either seems like it's only half put together or is very dirty and has a lot of graffiti, which is truly a shame. It would be nice to upkeep where people from the area actually live too so they can enjoy it more. I guess that level of upkeep falls more on owners of those properties, so who knows if that would ever happen, but that's just my observation. Marseille was pretty, though there wasn't a ton to do/see there. The one thing I didn't get to do that I wanted to do was to go on a boat tour of the Calanques, though the boat schedule didn't fit into mine, so I couldn't go. However, since I'm going to see the Blue Grotto in Capri, I figured I was probably okay! Oh, and a note to myself: visit Agay, France in the future; everything looks perfect, picturesque, and it's on the coast, so it has to be AMAZING!

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