viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

May 13 - Budapest, Hungary

So I was originally planning on taking a 7:30 am train from Bled to Zagreb, Croatia for the day and then train from Zagreb to Budapest in the evening. However, I forgot to set an alarm and woke up at 8am, so... Yeah... Unfortunately for me, there aren't many trains that head to Zagreb from Bled, so by the time I would have gotten to Zagreb, I would need to leave for Budapest right away, so I decided to skip it and go straight to Budapest. The nice thing about this was I trained up to Vienna and then over to Budapest, so I got to ride through southern Austria, which is breathtaking! The mountains, hills, fields, and quaint towns are all just perfect! However, I really did want to see the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, which is an interesting, comical museum displaying objects and stories sent in by people who have had a bad breakup; for example, there was a woman whose boyfriend loved playing Frisbee golf and always ignored her to play it with his buddies. Well, when her birthday came around and he bought her a Frisbee, she dumped him and sent it into the museum, haha.

Well, when I got into Budapest, I met up with my friend Simon, whose place I was crashing at for a couple nights. We went to a couple Ruin Pubs, which are old buildings that are repurposed as a bar. The original one, which we went to, has bunch of random junk everywhere for artwork and decoration, which is hilarious, ingenuous, and a little weird all at the same time. Nonetheless, they were very fun and are something I actually think would go over quite well in the US!

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